Fastening belt application industry present situation analysis

by:BAILI     2020-11-16

as a way to fasten shoe, fastening belt are obviously more dominant than the LACES. Swiss inventor George DE, DE the fastening belt of the patent right in 1955, after fastening belt was replaced the zipper, hook, the use of the shoelaces, and tied to other things. For example, will become loose shoelace sometimes people down. But now wear shoes with fastening belt in the number of adults still scarce. Sticky strap is popular in the children's shoes, because many children haven't learned how to tie my shoelaces. In the elderly, and some of the old man bent down to tie his shoes very hard, and some of the old man because with finger arthritis, it is difficult to tie his shoes. Why is that? From the beginning, fastening with the application of the most popular methods in the shoe industry, is to help children, the elderly and vulnerable groups. As a result, the in the mind of the public, the fastening belt has been linked with action inconvenience and weak. So many young people think slowly don't like sticky strap shoes. But although don't like it, but in the use of the fastening belt more to the development of other industries, such as clothes, sports equipment, entertainment, medical equipment, etc.

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