Fastening belt can be used on baby clothes?

by:BAILI     2020-11-13
Along with the development of fastening belt is practical, functional and applicability is improved constantly, the fastening belt use is very wide, from clothing to shoes, from daily necessities, outdoor equipment to electronic products and so on. Fastening belt by one side with small hook fabric, and the other side with small fuzzy circle fabric, both sides have 'a touch namely adhesive, a pull to separate' features. Fastening belt in which industries are widely used in garment factory, shoes factory, bags factory, sofa factory, curtain factory, toy factory, tent factory, jin, sports equipment factory, medical apparatus and instruments factory, electronic plastics factory and form a complete set of all kinds of military products and other industries, the best-selling all over the world. Fastening belt are still more big proportion in apparel industry, in addition to the clothes for adults to useful, is commonly used to baby clothes. So baby clothes use fastening with what good? First to learn about the advantages of fastening belt, stick to the applicability of the cingulate, usually using the right materials and special technology to production, through strict design and production, is often used for fastening belt on the baby clothes can have characteristics such as flexibility, close skin, environmental protection, breathe freely. We all know that babies change more frequently, and they all like to play catch something, especially on clothes. So baby clothes use sticky strap compared with buttons, zippers, not only in dress more convenient, shortcut, but also not easy to fall, also will not cause the baby tender skin allergies. Even if the baby's curious like a garment will not how, because this kind of sticky strap is especially environmental protection, non-toxic. Thus, baby clothes use sticky strap is very reliable, and is more economical and useful. Besides baby clothes, so this kind of special processing of fastening belt can also be used for baby diapers, baby toys, because it besides close skin, environmental protection also has rich colors, strong fastening force characteristics.
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