Fastening belt is divided into several grade quality as usual

by:BAILI     2020-11-17

faster development in science and technology, the use of fastening belt scale becomes more and more wide, the material becomes more and more diversified, but commonly used material so that several, but it is not catch hair material, nylon material, polyester material, but everyone knows the fastening belt is divided into grades? As small make up for all the specific introduction of sticky strap grade points

career in disorder for fastening belt can be divided into three grades, respectively is A, B, C, A best material, as well as ordinary grade A is the use of nylon material, this kind of material quality abnormal, and non-toxic, thread gluing of this kind of material with abnormal use, military, baby use, have use, is also absolutely is A little higher cost, the other two B C two classes use is half nylon material, no toxic harmful, compare the absolute difference between the A grade, but also very good, has the shadow of their production industry, career, really differences of fastening belt features have their differences, we in the choice of fastening belt moment choice right let's own use.

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