Fastening belt manufacturer told you fastening with what benefits?

by:BAILI     2020-09-26
Fastening belt manufacturer told you fastening with what benefits? Sticky strap tie, also known as hook and loop cable ties, Velcro cable tie, fastening cable tie belt, cable ties, cable tie, line belt, management, it and common with difference, ordinary cable tie, design check out function, only the more tight. And sticky strap with a sticky strap production principle, it is a kind of inside connection points male female two sides, one side the other side is small flexible fibre is a hard like xiaomao catch. Just stick together. Under certain pulling force, elastic hook is straight, glue and open it from the loop pile, then restore the original hook type, so the repeated opening and closing of up to ten thousand delivery, fastening belt is widely used in all kinds of goods are often open and close fit or position, but the traditional sticky strap can only adopt the sewing way of fixed on the product or object. Fastening belt surely everyone knows is used for laminating or tighten a product items, is developing rapidly in China in the luggage, clothing, shoes, protective devices, electronic products, toys and other industries fastening belt are used, all show the fastening with the very let a person look good development prospects, and all this is not only convenient for fastening with the opening and closing, fastening effect is good, for strength characteristics. These also for fastening than other similar products with more affordable, can not only play the role of fit, and can be used as decorations. All kinds and sticky strap, strong practicability and adapt to performance. Not only has ordinary wool surface, hook type face, hair and back glue stick cingulate, resistance to sulfide fastening belt, and so on, these products are not only durable, convenient, and the biggest characteristic is non-toxic, environmental protection, saving material, flame retardant, heat resistance, not easy deformation, not faded. Fastening belt, fastening belt manufacturer, sticky strap tie, necessary friend, welcome to contact us.
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