Fastening with the use of real wood floor

by:BAILI     2020-11-14

real wood floor has been to the foot feels comfortable, natural warm, warm in winter and cool in summer and elegant such outstanding advantages to make the first selection of people ground adornment material. And real wood floor is the most common way of pavement wooden keel laid method, using this method of laying on the one hand, easy to cause of real wood floor tile, wavy, bring losses to consumers; , on the other hand, the problems caused by the maintenance problem of real wood floor and real wood floor manufacturer and decoration installation company brings maintenance trouble, waste a lot of money and energy. And now there is a 'thread gluing straight shop technology', make real wood floor farewell 'keel + nail' era of atresia. 'Fastening straight shop technology' is one of the most 'simple' way to solve a piece of real wood floor industry the most complex technology. Says its concise, as is the use of the principle of double-sided adhesive, using special environmental protection 'sticky strap to reinforce the floor and links. Through mechanics principle, sticky strap attached to the floor and board, board with board between, to establish a close and organic adhesive system, eventually forming the pavement in the finishing effect. 'Fastening straight shop technique' mainly has the following technical breakthrough: straight shop technology, to make wooden floor does not suffer any damage. Fastening straight shop technology, like the floor stick a magic 'double-sided tape,' no nail riveting, on the floor without any damage. Therefore, in today's increasingly rare real wood floor, the surfacing technology for the value of the floor provides a good service. Because of this, the floor has become a can move 'furniture', can increases with the increasing demolition outfit, more adapt to the modern way of life. Fastening belt scale, strengthened the weatherability of real wood floor magic tape - — Floor sticky strap is better than real wood floor of optimum hou, without the floor can be synchronized with the expansion, can adjust the floor of organic scalability, wriggle through the earth will be real wood floor, the phenomenon of tiles can overcome to the greatest extent. In addition to the scale effect of floor sticky strap itself, according to the principle of mechanics of cross layout is also ensure the main factors of floor weatherability. Fastening belt between the board, board and floor are formed between an organic structure layout, make the cohesion between the more scientific and harmonious. Completely suitable for heating floor shop outfit because fastening surfacing technology solve the problem of real wood floor increases, so also overcome the problem of real wood floor heating floor shop outfit. For a long time, can adapt to domestic heating floor shop outfit only compound and aggrandizement floor, in the real wood floor industry have tried but was not successful. The 'fastening straight shop technology' good solved this problem. After floor shop is better effect, foot sense is better. Fastening technology, has the very good stability and fit, the cohesion of the board flow with harmony, without too much artificial trace, like nature itself, in terms of appearance is congenital advantage of the real wood floor is natural and fluent. 'Fastening straight shop technology' of real wood floor is an epoch-making revolution of science and technology, there will be more and more Chinese families benefit

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