Festival choose double strap shoes for my mother

by:BAILI     2020-11-14

summer hasn't come yet, but in the star of all kinds of street snap, believe that you can always see the figure of fashion - No matter what, bind seems to be hard this summer the most popular item. Cross strap sandals do with spiral design in the instep, the long foot line, many still clip with the design of the feet, make wearing more comfortable. Mother's day this weekend, ready to go shopping with mother friends, chooses a strap sandals for my mother, let her have a beautiful and comfortable in summer. Modified leg bind high help Roman sandals cross strap sandals in the summer is a lot of female friends have chosen a sandals, because cross strap sandals contracted and very show legs, can wear more fashionable and unique. The difference between it and other sandals is it cross your shoes, this design makes the whole double cross strap sandals looks more striking, and more cool in the summer. A tall women, then you can try a high help bind Roman sandals. Such a sandal, infinite you slender legs more decorate, make way for the man's attention is attracted to the big long legs. And high help bind Roman sandals because style is neutral, collocation can also be handsome and sexy. Tie-in proposal: bind style of Roman sandals to bind more sexy, nude and be in harmony of color is more slender leg, if you want to show sexy wind, even the garment broken flower skirt collocation, natural and beautiful. If you want to show the handsome neutral wind, shorts and jumper on collocation is the best summer dress. Low-key popular broad-brush strap sandals for most workers, choosing high help bind Roman shoes seems a little too strong. But if you still don't want to give up the season love, that no help choose a broad belt type sandals is quiet a lot. Broad bind tightly wrapped feet, composed atmosphere, and flexible, standing on the rhythm of the popular, and serious atmosphere. Color is the best or black light color fastens, shoulds not be too bright color, too bright. Tie-in proposal: the complexity of the mixed let the details of the sandals feeling and art feeling, even if has been very low-key, but the details of the place still can see master heart, collocation is 9 minutes of pants is a good choice. Along with the gender fashionable color strap sandals to the party or a weekend trip, choose a color strap sandals, just as the summer the sun is shining. This year's strap sandals have spike, also has a flat. So are based on the indoor outside party or for pleasure, there is appropriate choice. Bump color strap sandals is big this year heat model, because the original color is more revealing, so at the time of collocation of clothes and bags, best in plain color is given priority to, must not spend all over his body. White dress, white shirt is a good choice. Tie-in proposal: the design of Indian style is a favorite of music festival, with a relative color strap sandals, tie-in knickers ma3 jia3, along with the gender and fashionable.

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