Five major factors affecting the quality of Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-11-04

Velcro prices are cheap and role is very big also. It is these factors, the price and quality of Velcro was one of the most concerns of all problems. For some industries use hook and loop, because every time they buy Velcro number is larger, the quality excellent Velcro not only can effectively improve the efficiency of their production, due to the longer service life at the same time, also can reduce the enterprise cost. What factors will affect the quality of the hook and loop? 1, making hook and loop raw materials. Velcro quality level of raw materials, to ensure the production of magic stick to the quality of the product is better. hook and loop is composed of a certain type of yarn, and different yarn made of different fibers. Fiber is refers to the diameter of thin, generally for a few microns to dozens of micrometers, length and many times larger than the fineness, and have certain flexibility material. Many different kinds of natural fiber, but not all of the fiber can be used for spinning weaving, only can be used in the production of Velcro fiber can be called a magic stick. As fiber, should have the following properties: ( 1) Good physical and mechanical properties, Velcro fiber must undergo processing technology can be used for weaving. Whether it's in processing, or in the process of sewing and wearing, they want to take all kinds of external force, such as tensile, torsion, bending, friction, and repeated action of external force, and make the Velcro produces corresponding deformation. ( 2) Certain fineness and the length of the fiber fineness and length to be suitable for Velcro processing requirements. Because of the fiber in the process of the hook and loop production, general need the fibre twisting together, can be spun into yarn. ( 3) Hygroscopicity and air permeability, moisture absorption and permeability is indispensable for Velcro fiber health performance. Good hygroscopicity can help absorb human body sweat, grease, and fabric can be printing color. Permeability is the clothing wearing comfortable, has the feeling of cool. ( 4) Chemical stability, Velcro fiber to light, heat, acid and alkali solution must have certain chemical stability, is the only way to not make the fiber under the action of the above material, reduce the service life and damage. ( 5) Dyeing properties, the magic stick is typically after printing and dyeing processing, combined with a variety of color or pattern to achieve the final use, so the dyeing performance of Velcro fiber should be. Our company produces the magic stick to ( Eu standards) Recognition, low toxicity, environmental protection Do not contain six toxic quality) ( Do not contain AZO) With standard, and by the state line supervision inspection reached the level of similar products and best, so you can rest assured choice.

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