Five points to distinguish back glue Velcro quality stand or fall

by:BAILI     2020-10-14
As the craft mature, decided to take a stand or fall of fastening factors gradually focused on the material! However, difficult to distinguish the isn't it? I don't want to really blind, I think you also don't want to really blind. So you want to know how good the back glue hook and loop some rules? We need to see back glue Velcro from the following points: gloss: unlike conventional understanding, when on a light or there is sunshine, tilt the hook hook and loop surface, polyester Velcro there will be a shining light, and nylon or blending would not have! Softness, flexibility will walk, had better take hook Velcro to test, there will be more obvious differences. Suggest take 4 cm or 5 cm wide Velcro to test is most appropriate. The difference is that the hardest, the polyester back glue Velcro blended back glue Velcro take second place, the most soft nylon back glue Velcro. Fringed: there are a lot of fringed basically is belong to polyester, blended occasional, and basically there is no nylon fastening belt fringed edge. Spinning: the emergence of the problem, with the 'edge'. Grain: this feature is more easily distinguish polyester adhesive Velcro back, because polyester adhesive Velcro back most of the time, because the factory location, can not treat, so there will be bent, and there will be grain or arched, or wavy. And blended with nylon basic won't appear this situation, more difficult to distinguish the two.
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