Fixed camera with a Velcro strap you know!

by:BAILI     2020-09-13
Fixed camera with a Velcro strap you know! Accelerated along with the development of the high-tech, what all is by science and technology research and development, innovation, high quality, but also practical beautiful and easy, ha, is the trend of try to overtake each other in this era, then love photography you must have a belong to his beloved photographic equipment! Whenever we go out to meet the beauty but can't get a panoramic view, it is very pity, now have a new idea, is the picture, a family or individual in and inconvenient, the camera can be tied to a particular position, to set the time take, with what? The best answer is: Velcro strap! In today's society is popular with the camera to travel, people in the busy, to the wild feel the beauty of nature! Velcro strap, this belongs to the elastic hook and loop strap, elastic belt belongs to 100% nylon material, environmental protection, durable, elastic, soft and breathable, it does not hurt the skin, can act as hook and loop hair surface durability, commonly used as a high-grade elastic bandages. We need to tie the camera in front of the bike rack with elastic strap or Velcro strap bound tightly in there, and then your can go to take photos or family photo!
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