For your introduction about the characteristics of high temperature resistant back glue Velcro and scope of application

by:BAILI     2020-09-06
High temperature resistant back glue hook and loop can waterproof, prevent oil, tear resistance, high temperature resistant, friction, dumb face, puguang, points of light ( Different material of temperature resistance, oil resistance, water proofing property is different) 。 High temperature resistant back glue hook and loop scope of application: electronics, electrical appliances, automobile, chemical industry, etc; PET: strong toughness, crisp and hard real-time, applicable to the sliding surface of the materials used; PVC: poor toughness, soft and adhesive, applicable to the smooth surface of materials used; Synthetic paper: toughness in between, is suitable for the materials on the surface of the container; Carbon with suitable for high temperature resistant adhesive hook and loop back: all needs to use all the resin carbon belt ( According to the label material is subdivided collocation carbon belt type) 。
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