Formaldehyde content in textile and garment test

by:BAILI     2020-09-13
Analysis of formaldehyde content in textile and apparel clothing is one of our necessities, wear in the body is known as the 'second skin', so the quality problem of the clothes is very important. And the index of formaldehyde is a mandatory testing, high toxicity, has great cancer and its effect on promoting cancer. So its control closely connected with people's health, in order to better control the formaldehyde content in textile and apparel, hook and loop must first to test the formaldehyde on the cloth. hook and loop fastening belt, free formaldehyde in the textile clothing test method for international standard test methods. General for JZS Japanese and American AATCC test method. The national textile standards technical committee in 1998 GB2912 - 82 standard for the determination of formaldehyde of textiles were revised, will the old standard in two. ( 1) The current standard of GB/T29121 - 1998 'the determination of formaldehyde of textiles, part 1: swim away from the hydrolysis of formaldehyde ( Water extraction method) 》; ( 2) GB/T29122— 1998 'textile part 2: for the determination of formaldehyde release formaldehyde ( Steam absorption two criteria above is adopt international standard with level. The standard JZS with Japan and the United States on the principle of basic same AATCC test method, USES the international standard. Water extraction method is also called liquid phase method or A method, is used to simulate the human body in the process of fabric quantitative determination method of formaldehyde release, for textile. This standard will greatly promote the Velcro fastening belt, etc. The specification and development of the textile industry, promote and guide the our country textile production safety and use, and gradually with the European ecological textile to community, to protect people's health and ecological environment, to break the green trade barrier has important significance.
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