Four kinds of back glue Velcro of the original material is what

by:BAILI     2020-10-17
Back glue Velcro is one of the hook and loop, the hook and loop in our daily life is a common material, is economical and practical, simple operation, easy to use, since birth, has been popular among the general public. The back glue hook and loop ingredients for what? With small make up together and see it! Back glue Velcro production materials mainly divided into four categories: the first: polyester material, because this polyester the artificial material is a hard, compared with other material is strong, but feels is more rough, and in the process of burning there will be a pungent smell will also with thick black smoke. So this kind of material made of Velcro is commonly used in the production of the shoes and some the production of the bags and other products. The second: don't hold the hair material, this kind of material is mainly suitable for use in loop pile in hair surface, and the surface is usually have small hook with A grade of nylon material use, most are made of this material has A magic stick can be used on close-fitting clothing. The third: blend fabric, this kind of material is mainly composed of nylon and blending, so it is both common features, not only won't burn, but also very durable, now in use Velcro most are made of this material. Fourth: nylon material, it is A very environmentally friendly material, it is soft and not easy to burn, is very suitable for use in clothing production, especially A level of nylon material, this material has the highest level of security, not only can be used for close-fitting clothes and baby clothes, and it also has A wide application in the medical field, won't cause any damage to people. Glue Velcro back because of the manufacturer with more than some of the material to produce, so it not only improve the quality, and its type also is very rich, use range has expanded a lot. Such a hook and loop before it can be better for our use, let us in small details in life can also experience the convenient and quick. Is a professional manufacturer of Velcro, back to back Velcro are commonly used to do tie, belt, commonly used for a variety of electronic equipment, design, color variety, welcome friends to inquire!
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