From the analysis on material back glue Velcro quality stand or fall

by:BAILI     2020-10-18
Back glue Velcro performance is closely related to material, and according to different materials, we will carry on the back glue Velcro is divided into three categories, respectively, class A, class B and class C. So how to distinguish the stand or fall of back glue Velcro? First back glue Velcro material divided into nylon, blended yarn, polyester three, here I slightly under the analysis of all kinds of material in the production of stickers have what performance! Made of nylon Velcro: nylon material Velcro both flexibility and adhesive force are top belongs to high grade product. For the nylon hook and loop, hence great importance have been attached to the majority of manufacturers, so basically put an end to the reel off raw silk from cocoons, fringed, and so on and so forth. Compared to other nylon Velcro polyester difficult to flammable material, release of smoke as the white smoke, and no smell. Blended Velcro: blend fabric made of Velcro in softness and bonding strength weaker than nylon Velcro, is better than polyester Velcro, belongs to high-grade products. And because of blended Velcro blended material basic for nylon and polyester blended, their proportion of each manufacturer will have different, so cause blended variety, to make A kind of product, to do C products. And many manufacturers are more seriously, so a reel off raw silk from cocoons, fringed, etc is also very few. Because contain polyester material at the same time, so there will be a black smoke after burning, and contain a bad smell. Polyester Velcro: polyester material made of Velcro on the flexibility and adhesive force weak in blended Velcro, belong to the intermediate products. Due to low cost, scope of application of polyester Velcro is the most widespread. Because the material is polyester, it is for flammable products, burning black smoke, and odor, but because of low cost, is still popular with the masses of friends. According to the above materials to identify and describe, I believe a lot of friends can understand the stand or fall of various back glue Velcro, choose suitable products.
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