Garment industry demand for Velcro options

by:BAILI     2020-09-28
Fastening belt is also called the hook and loop, clothing industry is a kind of product, on the application of the most functions and buttons and zippers, compared with the buttons on clothing or zipper, it is more convenient to use sticky strap environmental protection, so on the application scope is more and more widely. Often based on the two aspects of material and glue stick cingulate classification. By 'material' : according to the fastening belt material and it can be divided into ribbon, waste plastics and three main types of gum. The choice of different material to provide diversified, according to the actual situation to select the suitable material. As the 'glue' classification: glue to play a strong role in the fastening belt, there are mainly two types, that is, high temperature and high temperature resistance. Different colloid viscosity cingulate produced using range is different. A high quality of dress, the material and each production link is carefully designed, fastening belt as the clothes are the most important part, not only the quality is better, viscous, consider using the overall aesthetic on the clothes, so must be carefully on the choice. Specializing in the production, sells each kind of back glue Velcro, stamping Velcro, such as injection hook Velcro, Velcro product variety qi, the specification entire, high quality, color sample. Velcro back glue hook and loop, blunt type, injection hook hook and loop service hot line: 0769 - 22013784 / Mr Liang. ( This site keywords: back glue Velcro, stamping Velcro, penetrate hook Velcro manufacturer, fastening belt manufacturer, Velcro, fastening belt, back glue Velcro, back adhesive cingulate, Velcro cable tie)
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