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by:BAILI     2020-10-03
High temperature resistant adhesive Velcro back - — Material properties: waterproof, prevent oil, not tear, high temperature resistant, friction resistance, dumb face, puguang, points of light ( Different material of temperature resistance, oil resistance, water proofing property is different) Scope of application: electronics, electrical appliances, automobile, chemical industry such as PET, strong toughness, crisp and hard real-time, applicable to the sliding surface of the materials with PVC: poor toughness, soft and adhesive, suitable for the smooth surface of the item id: with synthetic paper toughness in between, is suitable for the materials on the surface of the bottles with suitable carbon belt: all needs to use all the resin carbon belt ( According to the label material is subdivided collocation carbon belt type) High temperature resistant adhesive hook and loop back - — Velcro application industry are widely used in garment factory, shoes factory, bags factory, sofa factory, curtain factory, toy factory, tent factory, jin, sports equipment factory, medical apparatus and instruments factory, electronic plastics factory and form a complete set of all kinds of military products and other industries
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