Gum what magic with potential value

by:BAILI     2020-10-06
Back glue Velcro, also many people no concept to it! But its potential design concept is not fantasy to a lot of people, than such as: back glue Velcro traditional concept of the left image is a viscous, can post, and then stick on the window screen use most, but in addition to window screening is the ability to share out bonus it many other very small something idea: in the toy can post, post interface can be posted in all have it, but it is a textile accessories, how I'm afraid you not think he have contact with appliances is? May be, I also think it is, first I'll do this occupation for a long time didn't think that it actually has close contact with electrical appliances, and bring more contribution for the electrical appliances profession, so I admire its common effect and the conception of optional features posted extremely! For example, you can use glue Velcro back to the post in any local, as well as in the office, is your folder with traditional cramp iron buckle, te trouble to use, and wasted your precious time, only need to use the back glue hook and loop, relaxed lunch time, progress your work efficiency! Back glue hook and loop can stick on more local, various local life will be without glue Velcro back shadow. In the future there will be more developer to develop back glue Velcro potential value. Back glue Velcro technology conception back glue Velcro craft collections to god idea, bring you different surprise, in the future will bring you a strange idea of value, look forward to! Welcome to consultation about the back glue Velcro products, let you enjoy the god idea bring you satisfaction. Back glue Velcro is finding wider and wider application range, to us today, we introduce how to use it on empty harmonic remote controller, using the method is very brief: first we first buy good or ready to carry on the back glue Velcro, side hook a MAO, double-sided gum, use on the remote control and air conditioning is very smooth, because of its interface is plastic interface, simple glue stick, can use normal temperature glue. What type of glue will inform the seller before the purchase, after purchase. Next is about to start using: pulls back glue Velcro opposite from type paper, and then bring back glue stick in the air conditioning on the side, bring back glue along side stick on the reverse of the remote control with respect to OK.
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