Have what kind of glue Velcro back

by:BAILI     2020-10-01
In daily use is very broad, further broadening the back glue Velcro function also is now on the agenda. Development of functional textile back glue Velcro method can be roughly divided into two kinds: one is the back glue Velcro function; The second is to pick up effect, namely after the pad, coating and other processing method to obtain certain function. The first. High hygroscopicity back glue Velcro compared with natural rubber Velcro back, most of the back glue Velcro poor hygroscopicity, especially polyester and polypropylene, so seriously affect the back glue Velcro fabric wearing comfort and health. Together, back glue Velcro hygroscopicity poor also brought all such as are prone to static electricity, anti fouling resistance, a series of problems. Improve the hygroscopicity of back glue Velcro on comfort, can choose chemical modification and physical modification methods, through the function to improve the back glue Velcro enough moisture and bulk up to, or made into porous back glue Velcro make its internal form a micro cavity system, strengthen the back glue Velcro (absorbs moisture in the air or water Water absorption) Talents. Modified hygroscopicity back glue Velcro first used in the work can underwear, sportswear, exercise, sports socks, etc. In the second. Antistatic back glue Velcro antistatic back glue Velcro refers to is not easy to accumulate static charge back glue Velcro. Antistatic back glue hook and loop fabric is often used in explosion-proof, dust-proof overalls. In the third. To the satisfaction of flame retardant back glue hook and loop in certain areas by using specific combustion experiment specification back glue Velcro called flame retardant back glue Velcro. First used in a fire risk or in the case of a fire risk big occasions. Such as the United States, Britain, Japan and other countries have some of the way and law to restrain the flame retardant fabrics using field, which requires include hotels, theaters and other public building interior decoration, textile fabrics, fabrics such as bed mat must reach a certain amount of flame retardant specification. Now, first developed flame retardant materials field resistance burning eyes black silk ribbon, flame retardant polypropylene, polyester, flame retardant flame retardant private glue back glue Velcro, etc. Also has in the packing process for cotton fabrics, a glue fabric, wool fabrics, and even of flame retardant polyester fabric pack. Product use in addition to these areas can also be used for prevention and elimination of military clothing, industrial protective clothing and protective underwear, etc. In the fourth. Back glue Velcro moisture absorption perspiration moisture absorption perspiration back glue Velcro common cross, five leaf shape profiled. Back glue Velcro strong hygroscopic quick drying function, thus in the human body between the fabrics and constitutes a 'microclimate' dry and comfortable. Its spread climb height, moisture rate, transpiration rate is far higher than ordinary fabrics. The fabric air permeability, moisture absorption and quick drying, comfortable, clean, soft, smooth is the manufacturing operation suits, casual wear, excellent fabric shirt. From the consumer market analysis, functional back glue Velcro type first divided into comfort, health and safety. In the comfortable is the most basic requirements of fabrics, such as the basic function such as wet, cold warm wet absorption; Health has antibacterial, odor-proof, skin care, anti pollution and so on a variety of utility; Protected, uv protection, anti-static, anti-radiation, anti-virus, flame retardant, etc. Function.
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