'Help' license plate, the driver was heavy penalties

by:BAILI     2020-11-06

Mercedes jeep for running a red light, traffic police on duty to correct, the driver was way below the belt. Yesterday afternoon 3 PM, a shenyang licence Mercedes jeep in the victory avenue minzhu road when the traffic lights, wanted to red light turn left, be is shenyang traffic police on duty peace a brigade a squadron of civilian police found, civilian police to correct the car's behavior. Unexpectedly, the driver not only not correct mistakes, but the policeman shouted at. Police on duty, the female driver probably around 40 years old, her response to police was very surprised, because the driver is already at that time when the red light will stop vehicles on the line to turn left, the police did not want to punish her, just want to correct her behavior. Mid-team leader Feng Zhenge said: 'police approached the car when I saw the vehicle license plate is a bit strange, then by hand and pull hard, unexpectedly, license plate is pulled down. '' civilian police found that the plate is with hook and loop stuck in the car, and is fixed on the licence plates clasp, cut off the back of the screw. So, from a distance, license plate don't have any problem. 'The policeman asked the driver to the vehicle parked on the side of the road, and asked the driver to show a driver's license and registration paper. The female driver does not drive the vehicle to the side of the road, also refused to show any documents. Finally, under the family persuasion, the driver didn't show me the certificate. Police, police E flux vehicle information to be obtained by the license plate and vehicle perfectly. Feng Zhenge said that his work has been more than 20 years, was the first time to see the license plate of stick in this mode. This way is more convenient for some drivers illegal ACTS, or after the illegal and accident, can take down the license plate quickly and escape punishment. Feng Zhenge introduction, violated the rules not to install the car plate of illegal behavior, be fined 200 yuan, 12 points.

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