High frequency characteristics of Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-09-14
High frequency hook and loop features high frequency main has the characteristics of the hook and loop is: can use high frequency welding, good stickiness, not easy to fall off. Sewing method is applicable to the inconvenience of application of ordinary sewing way will the water seepage caused by car has needle holes ( Such as a raincoat) , or flat ( Such as swimming circle) , and high frequency fastening belt adopts PC plastic lamination, using high frequency ( The high frequency thermal bonding) The machine will be fastening belt pressing on the PVC material fabric, very good solve the problem. Fastening belt - sponge Purpose 1. Household items: tea sets, dishes, plastic, glass, sofa, leather shoes, travel shoes, wall, switch panels, Windows, tables and chairs, children's toys, etc. ; 2. Electrical appliances product: telephone, air conditioning, refrigerator, fan, rice cooker, microwave, washing machine, etc. 3. Bathroom products: mirror, mesa, toilet, bathtub, ceramic tile, etc. 4. Hardware: faucet, washing dishes, washing the dishes, hang, handles, etc. 5. Office supplies, computer, telephone, fax machine, copier, tables and chairs, cabinets, etc. 6. Double-sided gum hook and loop auto supplies: seat covers, car glass, car at the front desk, etc.
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