High frequency magic Velcro and voltage with what's the difference?

by:BAILI     2020-09-02
Velcro, high-frequency hook and loop is voltage is the same, can use high Zhou Boji welding equipment direct pressure on the PVC material, can be glued cingulate and artificial leather, plastic pressing. Good stickiness, viscous force strong, do not need to sewing, not easy to fall off. Suitable for stationery, raincoat, sports equipment, waterproof bag, PVC plastic products such as frequency and general processing. Is very popular with the sports equipment, more high-end sports equipment will be used. High frequency Velcro material: 1, high-frequency magic stick Nylon material: nylon is not easy to burn, and very soft, Velcro is suitable for use on clothing, can a new European standard environmental test. 2, high frequency Velcro - Polyester material: easy to burn and produce black smoke, the material is hard, general environmental protection. 3, high-frequency hook and loop - Mixed material: polyester and nylon is a combination of all the characteristics of polyester and nylon, nonflammable, very durable. Adhesive Velcro is to use this material make it back. 4, high-frequency hook and loop - A grade nylon material: very soft, commonly used for close-fitting clothes, but also can use on baby, won't cause skin damage. 5, high-frequency magic stick - Don't catch hair material: mainly has not grab Velcro type, only the hair surface, hook with A grade nylon material use, usually used in relatively more intimate apparel.
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