High frequency Velcro recognition method

by:BAILI     2020-09-11
High frequency Velcro recognition method of high frequency Velcro believe many people know, but to ask high frequency with nylon Velcro fastening belt, the difference between the possible many people don't understand. Someone said that the voltage can be respectively, someone will burn out, respectively, these methods is just to test the material of high frequency, and not sure this is the high frequency, and exactly how to identify? How to know other people give me is high frequency Velcro instead of nylon hook and loop? To know the nylon fastening belt with high frequency Velcro price is differ a lot. Here, in particular to explain, high-frequency hook and loop method of identification: when we get the high frequency Velcro, take a look at this hook and loop on the back of the first, see if there's a reflective layer, a bit like the appearance of the glue dried up after, if you have, then burn up, see what's in the smoke, if it is a white smoke, so this is not a high frequency Velcro, or behind of the gel is not high frequency hook and loop glue, if it is a smoke, you tore fur point down to burn again, see what's in the smoke, if it is a white smoke, then combined with the whole, can confirm this is a high frequency of Velcro. On the contrary, this is not high frequency hook and loop, you can ask the factory to return.
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