High quality high frequency back glue Velcro manufacturer

by:BAILI     2020-10-16
High frequency back glue Velcro is one of the Velcro, voltage fastening belt ( High frequency Velcro) Available for high frequency welding pressure directly on the PVC material, good stickiness, fall off not easily, avoid sewing, norms diversity, raw materials and dye used for the product USES the international ( Eu standards) Recognition, low toxicity, environmental protection Do not contain six toxic quality) ( Do not contain AZO) With standard, and by the state line supervision inspection, reached the level of similar products and can be used repeatedly, for the customer needed to develop new products, and packaging can be according to customer's requirements. Specification: 16 - 125 mm color: black and white spot, color can be produced according to customer's request, carry on the processing quality: in accordance with international standards, SGS product use: apply to stationery, raincoat, sports equipment, such as waterproof bag is a collection of production and sales of manufacturers, the main products are: back glue Velcro, hook and loop strap, Velcro cable tie, baby Velcro injection hook, mushroom head hook and loop, hook hair parts, back to back hook and loop, fleece, and so on, its products are all accord with environmental protection requirement, SGS standards. Welcome all friends to inquire, 15920637637
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