hook and loop fasteners

by:BAILI     2020-10-31
Central scroll adults recently on vacation for two weeks, before the inventory in order to you, main is a factory don't need to spend a little improvement in the management, hoping to help. For factory management, responsible for logistics related, in particular, is a very big container tag questions, you can say that, a lot of internal and external inspection personnel, inspection report nothing to write, went to check the label, to say the best try, tags also became the inspectors a 'safe haven', also became a piece of 'heart' of the material manager. Container tag is easy to appear what problem? Conclusion down actually not complex, also is the old and new label mixed, the old labels to tear not clean, new labels easy to drop, put in the right position, and also bring 5 s problem. Labels in the right position, the old labels to tear not clean these problems, in essence, not a technical problem, is all some management issues, leadership attaches great importance to today, the delivery task is not so nervous, labels of 'rules', 'clean' some of the old labels to tear. But sometimes, a lot of management problems, the best solution is to start from technology, such as central scroll adult today bring to your majesty 'Velcro'. Velcro is actually a kind of polyester and nylon composite material ( This kind of material is not easy to burn, very wear-resisting) The black 'small cloth', composed of (usually with white from the form on the back of the paper As shown above) 。 When using, need to easily open the back Velcro, the debonding of the paper can be pasted on the various types of smooth clean object ( There are stickers) 。 Velcro size can be customized according to need, the thickness can be very thin ( As shown above) Stick on the container, this long. After stick good, our Velcro will be home and dry, need of labeling, after can be directly attached to the above, can locate home, and off very convenient ( Black hook and loop not off) 。 Finally, we compare the before and after pictures of improvement.
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