How back glue Velcro glue viscous force test to distinguish

by:BAILI     2020-10-26
For the back glue Velcro, believe that everybody is not strange, all know is often in our daily life supplies. But for some specific back glue Velcro related classification is don't understand, really back glue Velcro as a daily items, due to the different application of the industry, the purpose of the application is differ, so its type also is varied. Especially a lot of similar but not identical back glue Velcro, for users is very confused, the back glue Velcro we analyse the back glue Velcro for everybody how glue viscous force test to distinguish? Back glue Velcro why call back glue back glue Velcro, it is because it is on the basis of common back glue hook and loop itself through the hot melt adhesive machine, in the ordinary back glue Velcro back coated with a layer of glue, covered with a layer of oil type paper, back glue Velcro is completed. No matter what time, when choosing back glue Velcro, we should first think of its bonding strength, how long can adhere to, and so on a series of confusion. So, if you want to know the answer to the confusion, we must know the characteristics of the rubber material. First, as for back glue Velcro, it hook face and hair side is no longer the same face, through the production of professional equipment, let its phase bonding to back to back. In general back glue Velcro main application industry is cable toys and some more electronic devices. Second, back glue back glue Velcro, for it is in general back with special glue Velcro back glue Velcro basis, through the processing of high temperature of gum, let the back glue hook and loop stick in the back of the bag, then the placement of oily from type paper, and the back glue Velcro. Normally we common back glue if magic TieZhu back glue Velcro, used in industrial production, clothing decoration and other industries. Back glue Velcro glue viscosity force depends on the use of glue is what property, it is the normal temperature glue, special glue, and so on a variety of properties, each kind of glue corresponds to different environments and places, such as ordinary double-sided adhesive back glue Velcro, it can only be used for the daily place such as basket, carton, etc. , viscose belongs to the strong back glue Velcro, viscous force is twice that of an ordinary glue, it can put the smooth all sticky, such as glass, high temperature and low temperature resistant, these all belong to the subjective consciousness, can be used according to the customer's different and to operate, such as viscosity, temperature which can be changed.
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