How do Velcro fastened to the wall, can be fixed on the wall

by:BAILI     2020-10-25
Velcro how fixed on the wall, this a lot of problems such as housewives, when don't know how they stick up, but not for a moment it off, she then will wonder if don't stick on the wall it stubbornly stuck up, this is a common problem in our life, frequently back glue short service life, easy to fall off, and so on and so forth also let a person really, because it is in not using the correct method to operate, the other one is the quality of the product are also cannot be ignored, the quality of the product and if so the choice of main manufacturer also special. When paste if you don't use the right methods, will affect its use time and use effect, so the hook and loop can be fixed on the wall? How do Velcro fastened to the wall? If paste on the cartons, gift boxes, such as paste, paste should be rapidly and accurately, ensure a forming, and force uniform. There is also a more detailed way: diluted detergent, to stay inside with watering can, put the glue on the back of the protective film peel back, the shop is on the ground clean desktop or, good water and detergent using dilute solvent lamination surface spray right amount water, try to spray evenly, see a little wet, then you can put up. This has the advantage of dilute put back glue viscosity, avoid a run into the surface of the paste viscosity stability, before you stick the picture has a better in a short period of time can also adjust the details, dried up the water over a period of time will stick. With upright, for example, how to fixed on the wall to reveal a short back glue at the back of the transparent protective film, will it two horns on the wall, assistant gently pull on both ends of the following, the whole flat to the wall, paste, one side with a wet cloth to wipe flat already paste part side down jie protective film, step by step slowly stick of gum. Not all at once the transparent protective film, in accordance with the direction of the paste unravel protection mode, little by little can prevent to be not paste part down to other places. Back glue like ordinary gum products, hook and loop how fixed paste on the wall of time attention, so use effect will be more good, also has a great help to the improvement of the environment, so don't ignore this tip. hook and loop how fixed on the wall if it is on the wall and other visible, paste, can be well level position, according to its direction and paste habits according to from top to bottom or from left to right order of paste.
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