How do you use the back glue Velcro?

by:BAILI     2020-10-15
Take a look first at the hook and loop? Hook Velcro is obscured for repeated adhesion of textile accessories. Back glue Velcro side with Velcro, the same general is hook surface, or wool surface, is a layer of glue on the back. Generally can be divided into hot melt adhesive and 3 m glue two kinds. As shown in figure below in two environment to illustrate the usage of back glue Velcro: 1. Ordinary environment. General environment refers to the environment is relatively good, no high temperature, dust and water environment. See the figure back glue hook and loop on the back of factory is protected by a layer of the paper, in the home or work environment not only special cases need to tear up on the back of the paper, then stick where needed. Glue will be for the appearance of the positive hook surface, or wool surface, generally need to corresponding rough to cooperate to use. Such as hook on the wall surface back glue, then positive is hook surface, the corresponding through surface back glue to cooperate with MAO, MAO and hook surface adhesion, MAO of the back glue can stick on the back of the plane or other decorations, this is one of the purposes. 2. Special environment. Back glue Velcro is taboo dust and water, easy to make glue quickly less sticky. So it is better for the environment conditions facilities to keep dust and water. If encounter high or low temperatures, the requirements for the back glue hook and loop targeted, such as using 3 m adhesive, 3 m glue and hot melt adhesive biggest difference is that heat resistance properties. Because of 3 m glue type many, not for one. Use and what steps about the environment, just need the performance of the targeted adjustment of gum to cope with the special environment. Back glue Velcro how to use as the case may be, I need to consider the same, such as temperature, dust, sewage, adhesive force and so on
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