How do you use the back glue Velcro insight into the back glue Velcro usage

by:BAILI     2020-10-24
Back glue Velcro is a kind of Velcro products and set up on the back of its strong sticky glue, so that you will easily when they are in need of is negative adhesion together, in order to achieve a better standard, is also very convenient to use, and will not cause an object dirt. Different ways of the use of Velcro and use is also different, different occasions use magic stick to the right a bit to the maximum. Back glue hook and loop how usage with thorough understanding of gum magic, hook and loop instructions: pay attention to the preservation, taboo and corrosive material placed together, of adhesion in the air will influence the performance of the Velcro, can appear when used again not sticky situation; 。 Uncover when using guarantee and trash content in contact, can appear otherwise viscous weak even not sticky situation; Paste paste the clean degree of content, anytime you try to be clean and tidy; Don't want to tear left and right. Bring back glue Velcro you may have some confusion, but mention fastening belt, everyone will know what is. Fastening belt is a common connection accessories, can be divided into two sides, one side is relatively soft hair side of one side is a barbed thorns. As a kind of connection accessories, fastening belt are widely used in daily life, such as clothes, shoes, hats, umbrellas, cushion, medical appliance, etc. , viscous force strong. Back glue Velcro how to use the insight into the back glue Velcro usage glue Velcro is widely used in daily life, different materials can be made into different products, back glue Velcro is divided into five kinds of material: 1, nylon is very soft, very green, commonly used in clothing. 2, polyester material. 3, polyester blended with nylon material. 4 A grade, nylon material. 5, don't catch hair material. But, have you ever found that frets that often can't find you want to use cable, plug and so on. If you have the back glue hook and loop fastening belt wire belt, if is clear. The classification to deal with, such as a cable bundled away, after take out to use, with ease. A well organized person, is very simple.
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