How do you use the back glue Velcro? Suppose you want to know is here

by:BAILI     2020-10-30
Understand the purpose of the one thing we know about it first, it ( Back glue Velcro) What areas can be used in any place? It ( Back glue Velcro) What is the role of? What's the use? It ( Back glue Velcro) Can I bring us what benefits or benefits? It ( Back glue Velcro) What's the advantage of the strengths? What is it in our life, Back glue Velcro) Often appear, these we will need to know the product information, and we are in the use of glue Velcro back, often meet with some problem solving techniques to share, more than you know so much of the 'it' has a detailed understanding? Believe that the above said small make up a few question is do you want to know the answer now, whether to have, just have a look, here small make up from the back glue Velcro we first, since its use for the purpose of the following share back glue Velcro is very broad, such as some of the common things in our life is everywhere can see it ( Back glue Velcro) , like our daily showers will use items, towels, towels, these are our closest items, is pay attention to the guard, rushed out cold towel believe everyone is hanged or cool, so we often say hang or cold towels in the bathroom, it is the name of the back glue Velcro, in our bathroom is not just to use on the towel, also can be used for hanging bath ball, hanging belt, etc. , is a bathroom can use so many places use glue Velcro back, like the hang kitchen utensils and appliances in the kitchen with the door hanging bags, jackets, etc. , the purpose of the back glue Velcro is far more than these, back glue Velcro is suitable for the family is more, almost every family has a back glue Velcro. The performance of the back glue Velcro for viscous, as long as the stick, unless with great effort, general won't fall down, advantages: convenience, protection, back glue Velcro back after high temperature hot melt glue machine, glue will melt in ordinary fastening belt and special fastening belt strap on the back of the, with a layer of oil from type paper, adhesive cingulate is finished product back. The back glue hook and loop product features: 1. Resistant to high temperature washing, yellowing resistance, resistant to sunlight. 2. Stable quality, uniform brush, not easy broken wires, transverse tensile firmly closed. 3. Fixed hook neat surface, cut the hook Angle, make the hook bite probability increase, MAO sticky guaranteed. 4. Product is good, late hook MAO bite can reach more than ten thousand times. 5. Product USES the environmental protection raw material production, azo free, 不含偶氮) , do not contain heavy metals. Back glue Velcro problem solving techniques ( 1) Use back glue Velcro strap after a period of time, the hard plastic inside the face of the hook stick a lot of chop suey sundry, with convenient to impurity to pick out what you can. ( 2) Velcro strap not sticky, slightly on it a little while heating, can stick stuff again later. ( 3) The side like a fur fur fell off, a little change, from other clothes or other place to find useful back glue Velcro strap material, cut it down to sew on, can be used. Can't find good useful back glue Velcro strap, also can use some good shopping, search is meeting some, you just to learn something you sew. ( 4) If you still can't solve the problem, can only take to have the tailor make them for you to change a. ( 5) When buying shoes you should pay attention to the choice, is the best choice that can return overdo paste that back glue Velcro strap will be better oh, because that's not easily came out. ( 6) Back glue Velcro strap, also must pay attention to his material, because it is easy to be damaged. In order to not cause damage to you must pay attention to the ah, so you can make better paste it.
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