How do you use the Velcro armband?

by:BAILI     2020-09-12
How do you use the Velcro armband? Velcro armband after wearing is very personal, man enough? So now a lot of people like the clothes and a personality of hook and loop armband. If I buy a set of clothing! Armbands is Velcro fastening belt! How to get it to the clothes? You use the blade put it at the bottom of the thread cut off ( Rest assured or clothing materials below) To tailor shop to the car after cutting line can, or you directly to find the tailor to help you processing. A solution is: Velcro points two sides side hook surface is a flash, if you find the color of hair side Velcro used scissors to cut the same as the hook surface size a piece to stick on it, don't you open armbands. Is the armband down to where you want to.
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