How effective is the use of Velcro straps as a cable organizer? _

by:BAILI     2021-04-15

In life, I believe that everyone lacks everything, that is, there is no shortage of power cords and charging cables. Whenever I use them, I always get confused. It's just that the cutting is still messy, but the trouble is fading. Therefore, you can imagine the attractiveness of the hook and loop cable tie. Its packaging is very simple. When you open it, you will see various color cable ties, which are very accurate in terms of color. When connected like this, it looks really pleasing to the eye.

First tear off the black cable tie, you can see that its surface is woolen, and the head is hollowed out, mainly for easy adjustment. First, you can see that the black cable tie has been torn. The surface is woolen and the head is hollowed out. The main reason is that the other side has a hook-like surface, which looks like a bumpy feeling, and the brand's logo is clearly visible. Because the current 'cable organizer' has its own characteristics, I can directly feel the advantages of hook and loop straps. You will see that the black cable came with the headset I bought before, because there are too many charging cables, so I ran out of everything. It is estimated that everyone has one or several such threads on hand. The biggest advantage of this thread is that it is simple and practical, and the thread is very good. It has a hollow design, so it is easier to handle than before, first insert the end of the cable tie into the open part of the building, and then insert the charging cable. Then tighten it slightly, roll it up, and wind it up as needed. It is easy to use and easy to use. The effect after rolling is also very good.

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