How long is the service life of the Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-10-07
Although Velcro can use repeatedly, but he is not unlimited use, with the use of the number of times more slowly, its performance has also been gradually reduced, so the service life of Velcro exactly how long? Here is for everyone to make a brief introduction: by textile Velcro is the most basic is the resultant force strong, the widely used, the advantages of economical and practical, this advantage has opened a larger market for Velcro industry. Along with the rapid development of fastening belt industry constantly breakthroughs and perfect, make the advantages of fastening belt, such as beautiful and comfortable, resistance to sulfide and so on. Believe in the power of science and technology support, continuous efforts and innovation of Velcro manufacturer must be able to invent the functional, practical more new products. Velcro fastening effects tend to be influenced by some factors, its using environment, with fastening belt buckle together and make materials is of great relationship. High quality materials can often make the service life of the Velcro buckle together longer, stronger, such as: nylon, polyester, the making of sulfide resistant, high temperature resistant material can fit people want. Type of gum hook and loop can have better fixed effect. Velcro, after all, will loss due to use, so the number of opening and closing is also a factor affecting the effects of fastening. Generally fit can be repeated more than 10000 times, opening and closing, the more as close to it is the use of limit, so the hook and loop of the old tend to have a new adhesive effect is good, but the service life of the hook and loop is still very long, as a general of the fastening used no problem at all. Is is famous in the pearl river delta and Velcro manufacturer, we by the high quality product to give back to society, we free design, we are free shipping, we can be a lot of wholesale. In a net: for more details. Contact person: 15920637637 / Liang Sheng
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