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by:BAILI     2020-10-17
When it comes to back glue Velcro, believe everyone not strange! It is common in our daily life, its application is very extensive, further expand functions have also been on the agenda. Development of functional textile back glue Velcro method can be roughly divided into two kinds: one is the sorting function; Second, the back glue Velcro function, namely, through the pad, coating processing methods so as to obtain certain functions. Below let then we together to discuss the different categories of what is the difference of back glue Velcro function! A, flame retardant back glue Velcro can meet specific fire test standards set by some application fields are called flame retardant back glue Velcro. Is mainly used for fire danger or in the case of a fire risk big occasions, flame retardant Velcro is one of the special magic stickers, now many countries in the form of legal norms to ban the use of some non flame retardant Velcro field, such as Britain, the United States, Japan, France and other countries, at present, the main flame retardant materials developed resistance burning eyes black silk ribbon, flame retardant polypropylene, polyester, flame retardant flame retardant private glue back adhesive stickers, and other products. Some fabrics have in finishing process, such as for cotton fabrics, a glue fabric, wool fabrics, and flame retardant finishing of polyester fabric, etc. Product use in addition to these areas can also be used to make prevention and elimination of military clothing, industrial protective clothing and protective underwear, etc. Second, antistatic back glue Velcro antistatic back glue Velcro refers to is not easy to accumulate static charge back glue hook and loop. Antistatic back glue Velcro fabric is often used in explosion-proof, dust-proof overalls. Three, high hygroscopicity back glue Velcro compared with natural rubber Velcro back, most of the synthetic poor hygroscopicity, especially polyester and polypropylene, which seriously affected the back glue Velcro fabric wearing comfort and health. At the same time, poor hygroscopicity also brought the such as easy to produce static, the fouling resistance such as a series of problems. Improved synthesis back glue Velcro hygroscopicity and comfort, chemical modification and physical modification methods can be used, through modification can improve the wettability of back glue Velcro and expansion ability, or made into porous micro cavity is formed within the system, strengthen the back glue Velcro (absorbs moisture in the air or water Water absorption) Ability. Modified hygroscopicity back glue Velcro is mainly used for work can underwear, sportswear, training, sports socks, etc. Four, hygroscopic and sweat back glue Velcro back glue Velcro moisture absorption perspiration has unique cross, five leaf shape profiled. Back glue Velcro strong hygroscopic quick drying performance, thus in the human body and comfortable and dry 'microclimate' is formed between fabrics. The moisture spread altitude, speed, rate of evaporation is far higher than ordinary fabrics. The fabric air permeability, moisture absorption and quick drying, comfortable, clean, soft, smooth production shipment move suits, casual wear, shirt is an excellent material. From the consumer market analysis, functional back glue Velcro consists of comfort, health and protection. The comfort is the most basic requirements of fabrics, such as wet, cold warm wet absorption basic performance; Health has antibacterial, odor-proof, skin care, resisting pollution and other functions; Protection type focuses on uv protection, anti-static, anti-radiation, anti-virus, flame retardant, etc. Thus, different categories of back glue Velcro on the function of difference. Is specializing in the production of stickers, sticky strap of one of the manufacturers, with Velcro bundling, power pack, cargo lashing with Velcro, back to back Velcro, hook hair parts, injection hook type, back glue, 3 m glue, Velcro, elastic, and other products of professional production and processing company, want to learn more news consulting, in textile!
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