How much do you know about analysis of fabric pilling?

by:BAILI     2020-10-21
How much do you know about analysis of fabric pilling? Reason 1: fabric: features to the difficulty of the different fabrics pilling is slightly different. Generally speaking, natural fibers and synthetic fibers, wool except, of course, even the ball will not knot, not easy to form a ball so cottony ball phenomenon is relatively minor. Synthetic fiber fuzz and pilling phenomenon is more serious, including nylon and polyester and polypropylene fiber are more serious. Fine short fiber fabric is longer than coarse fiber fabric pilling easier; Loose fabric, fluff, the ball more easily than close fabric structure. Reason 2: use the resulting in daily life, frequent electrostatic and friction are also produces the pilling phenomenon, but here we don't produce a myth is to use what all want to carefully, completely unnecessary. Reason 3: improper washing washing time, temperature, the choice of detergent is also very important, inappropriate can cause pilling. Fiber washing time is too long will lead to damage to make fiber fracture appear more head end, thereby increasing the possibility of the ball. How to prevent the ball ( 1) When catharsis, in strict accordance with the washing instructions. ( 2) As far as possible choose not easy pilling fabrics, such as pure cotton products.
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