How rapidly identify Velcro character of diapers

by:BAILI     2020-11-09

back glue Velcro of more and more used in our career, and the types of Velcro and character also there is a difference between large and small, to identify the back glue Velcro interested only need to pay attention to the following points.

1, double check the density of MAO, we need to review the baseband rigidity, can also said Velcro weaving is built.

2, data, male female face and the degree of density into too level reflects the Velcro interested, as usual, the female face and the male face, the more rigorous, will be better to clarify the Velcro function, is on the market. On the back of glue hook and loop material nylon brush, brush with eyes black silk ribbon with nylon advisable, the application of polyester has stopped processing;

3, adhesive decomposition, nylon and polyester mixed data function is abnormal, then look at the single side adhesive decomposition degree, as usual by analogy method, or use electronic measuring weight match; Whether the double conform to close again, especially pay attention to color fastness.

market and some products are plans for consumers, the main influence is convenient and perfect our career, back glue Velcro at the moment of stop plan should start from the perspective of consumers. When consumer is using Velcro, deposit is the most main character, practicality, convenience, and price of the product as soon as possible, as long as many consider the future, the product feel satisfied with their own needs, to make up his mind to buy.

want to progress the market competitiveness of hook and loop, in time, stop plan should consider what is necessary to the customers.

a back glue Velcro diapers can only see the department is the surface, to is a lot of parents in the choice of diapers can often with surface soft as a measure of purchase. Summer choice diapers, except to pay more attention to the surface of tenderness, should also pay attention to diapers surface can have antibacterial effects. Diapers as usually adopt unusually thin surface layer of non-woven fabrics used to cut off the baby's skin and receive the urine, as well as high quality diapers usually cities have increased in the surface layer of skin, like aloe vera, thus to restrain bacteria, the influence of cover the baby skin. Besides antibacterial sex, diapers hygroscopic consequences have table surface today. In detecting measure of diapers, have a goal, 'the slippery seepage quantity' reflects lyophilic sex on the surface of the product. Less slippery ooze, annotation liquid can perhaps rapid infiltration leakage to receiving layer, thus guaranteeing the product can quickly perhaps receiving liquid, stick to the skin is dry. Good diapers surface and diversion layer often adopt lock water plan, after urination, feel surface still compare with pure and fresh, not sticky and no villi and grades. And compare difference after wet diapers with urine, and baby skin easy dropping during war, and show a sign of the ball.

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