How suddenly back glue Velcro not stick

by:BAILI     2020-10-05
If you have recently used during the winter, you will find that the original use normal back glue Velcro suddenly use effect is stronger. Instead, some use the effect will be even worse. Why is that? Here's why: use effect is good or bad about the two points, usually is the choice of adhesive glue hook and loop back, another point is the joint surface factor. There are some factors is the most crucial, that is, temperature! Temperature factors: why can use normal back glue Velcro in the winter in the spring to use when the effect will be more sticky, general this kind of question is preferred temperature factors, because the spring temperature picks up, the winter temperature is lower, the glue on the surface of the molecule is affected by temperature is difficult to penetrate the joint surface, when the answer back glue spring temperature molecular activity is strong, so the bonding strength will be better. Why will have the use effect becomes poor? Joint surface factors: the rise of temperature in spring, but the humidity is bigger, especially because of the humidity outdoor joint surfaces tend to be larger and damp, if in the case of joint surface moisture use back glue Velcro, can consider the industry know that fit the effect will be poor. So in the spring when using the back glue hook and loop needs to pay attention to the above two points.
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