How to check back the size and viscosity of the glue Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-09-06
Back glue hook and loop can use a ruler to quantity, the size of the back glue viscosity, can be repeatedly paste, cut a small piece of testing its viscosity, at the time of tear, viscous strong will is hard to get off, good adhesive will clearly can see have a thick layer of transparent plastic. Vice is not. But if the stick on to use objects, tore back glue be careful when you do not use the back to back glue oh, because the grease, affects the viscosity of gum. When buying back glue hook and loop, there are many kinds of classification: 1. Gum magic with ordinary hot melt glue, its melting point is point, suitable for low temperature environment and winter use, its adhesion is general, also holds a more general 2. The other is a high temperature hot melt adhesive, high melting point, suitable for summer and some of the high temperature on the mechanical and adhesion is strong, strong adhesion after a strong also compares 3. Still have a kind of back glue product for 3 m, it is using 3 m adhesive cut into corresponding specification adhesive Velcro on the back of the product, belongs to the relatively special high-grade processing products. Back glue hook and loop processing of materials can be: ordinary hook wool processing, plastic hook stick flannelette processing, ordinary post ordinary wool processing, etc.
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