How to choose good quality back glue Velcro?

by:BAILI     2020-10-09
Different rubber adhesive surface need different back Velcro, once bought a bad back glue Velcro, even let you do more harm than good, let adhesive surface become worse, so how to choose back glue Velcro? Here are the professional Velcro textile manufacturer to introduce for you. Back glue Velcro characteristics and selection methods ( 1) Join various modulus of elasticity and thickness of material especially thin; ( 2) Glue joint appearance and smooth, pneumatic outstanding; ( 3) Good sealing function, good corrosion function; ( 4) Extend the service life of the adhesive joint and reduce the cementing component; ( 5) The intensity of labor is low, less capital, produce high power; ( 6) The conductive adhesive heat resistant seismic insulation, during which: a modified epoxy resin, the gentle patience intrusive sequence is: epoxy - Polysulfide & gt; ; Epoxy - Polyamide & gt; ; Epoxy - Amine curing agent; B, modified phenolic soft patience intrusive sequence is: phenolic - Polyamide & gt; ; Phenol - Polyvinyl acetate & gt; ; Phenol - Epoxy; Back glue hook and loop quality the key to ensure the quality of the adhesive, it is necessary to do the following points: ( 1) Choose the adhesive used in the. ( 2) Two aspects of overall high adhesive strength and good durability. ( 3) Don't use beyond the storage period and pot life of adhesive. ( 4) One-component adhesive if layers, deposition, mixing before use should be uniform. ( 5) Multicomponent glue should be mixed evenly in the share allocation. ( 6) Don't choose simple docking. ( 7) As far as possible choose lap, miter, socket, mixed cohesion. ( 8) Do not take too long lap length. ( 9) Don't use adhesive laminated material lap and miter ( 10) Plus screw and rivet, edge Angle, avoid stripping. Ten years to focus on doing only one thing, that is to produce better Velcro. Back glue hook and loop with peers have no exclusive technology, the tear is a trace, the longer, the bonding degree is higher. More advisory welcome call: 15920637637 / Liang Sheng.
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