How to choose suitable for children and safe riding gear

by:BAILI     2020-11-06

with the constant promotion of cycling culture deeply, more and more people join to ride, especially children, full of curiosity and active ride this movement for them is full of sense of speed with irresistible charm. As a parent you must hope that their children can grow happily in the ride. So, how to choose appropriate and safe equipment, is a required course for you not to be missed. Helmet your baby as the growth of the age, slowly like scooters, bicycles, roller skating and other outdoor sports. As parents, you encourage children to explore and try at the same time, also want to pay special attention to the safety of the children, medical research found that wearing a helmet in outdoor activities such as biking can prevent 85% of head injury, and greatly reduce the degree of injury and accident death rate. Therefore, a proper child helmet is essential to the children. 1. Because the young, the child's skull density is relatively small, so the child is one of the most important to protect the head, so should choose appropriate helmet to the child, the first thing to choose suitable size according to the child's age, head circumference of the helmet. Let the children put on a try, as far as possible to the right, after too much helmet will shake, reduce the protective effect, will let children too small and very uncomfortable. 2. Helmet material. Normal children helmet material mainly for PVC + EPS than a integrated or PC + EPS a integrated, try to avoid very soft ordinary foam helmet. 3. Air permeability. Helmet in warmer weather also want to wear, so the gas permeability is very important, when the choose and buy, want to see if there are enough vent, helmet children wearing ventilation, heat dissipation, won't feel hot. 4. Helmet liners. Helmet lined with skin direct contact with children, because the child skin is very delicate, so the helmet liner should be soft and children wear will be comfortable. 5. Ribbon. Helmet ribbon should be moderately elastic, can be adjusted freely, and to ensure that the buckle with a strong, so as not to fall off in use. 6. The helmet wearing suggest adjusting the length of ribbon, to make the points under Mr. Button located in the earlobe. The helmet should wear neat eyebrow level. One refers to the gap between ribbon and chin. Check whether buckle with button. Helmet use for more than two years, it is suggested that replacement. Helmet after the fall, it is suggested that replacement. Gloves in children due to balance ability and strain capacity has not been fully developed, so it's easy to fall. While at this time a pair of suitable and safe gloves to protect his young palm from scratch. In cycling, also can reduce the surface vibration of the impact of the wrist, limit the damage. Material: 1: gloves is palm with microfiber leather material, wear-resistant and durable. Hand with frivolous breathable lycra elastic materials or mesh material, I light and comfortable. 2. Palm position filled damping layer, generally for high density sponge, better gloves will shock in GEL texture effect is better. When fell can reduce the damage, prevent scratch. 3. The palm part prevent slippery design. General methods of silica gel printing, glue, can increase the friction, make the grip is more stable. 4. The palm ventilation design. With the method of drilling increase air flow capacity, let hand can better cooling sweat. 5. Beam mittens, generally USES hook and loop design, can adjust freely according to the dimensions of the palm firmness, more convenient to wear. 6. Use suggestion 1: gloves worn gloves size must be appropriate, not too small or too large. 2: cycling gloves should be cleaned after each use. 3: if it is found that there is any breakage, please as soon as possible, change the new gloves cycling jerseys 1 children. Choose fit comfortable version of type: different adult children, the pursuit of happiness comfortable instead of professional sports, so children cycling jerseys for fit, comfort, sweat. 2. Fabric choice: active and lively children, cycling jerseys should choose to sweat and breathe freely, fast drying light functional fabrics, such as mesh polyester fabrics. At the same time also can choose and buy some special treated fabrics, such as silver ion antibacterial deodorizes, or antibacterial fiber, etc, to further protect the health of children. Cycling characteristic is functional, protective clothing fabrics, close-fitting sex and comfort, high elastic fabrics oh o, good ductility, good abrasion resistance; Good permeability and perspiration, could quickly discharge sweat and maintain body surface dry. 3. Cycling jerseys: the details of the work, sewn straight fit, smooth, not coarse thread, internal seam is flat and level. Appearance, color is bright-coloured and lively, children are like the color of tall lightness. Best with reflective design, tall lightness can improve the passive safety. Use environmental protection printing ink, non-toxic, health and environmental protection.

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