How to correctly use the method of back glue Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-09-27
How to correctly use the back glue Velcro methods of domestic innovation consciousness, innovation of technology is becoming more and more attention, glue Velcro started to go back to our daily life. Now many people are in contact with it, in fact the back glue Velcro belongs to a kind of consumables, as people use number increase and the use of time will slowly become not too good, some bad directly. Even if there are some disadvantages, general back glue hook and loop use time is very long, if we know how to use it correctly, can maintain Velcro more lasting durability, make it more long service life. Next, zhongshan weaving co. , LTD. Is a simple simple introduce to everybody, the correct way of using the back glue Velcro: first, in general, just buy back Velcro is not damaged. We must pay attention to when cleaning after good Velcro can be clean. Can prevent the Velcro failure to do so. In addition, should avoid corrosive detergent when cleaning the second, we must know when open the Velcro must be opened up and down. This open approach not only sound small and very easy to open. If open the Velcro is direction, can make the Velcro hook broken cause failure or to force the hook and loop with the corset apart some third, Velcro is unable to bear too much force, it will cause damage to its, lead to failure
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