How to distinguish the back glue Velcro level

by:BAILI     2020-10-13
Velcro is one of the textile and garment accessories, so what is the calculation of the unit? In general Velcro unit is calculated by the yard or meter, rarely say calculated according to square, we know that a yard is 0. 9144 meters, so usually hook and loop roll is 27. 5 yards = 25 meters, this is common in the market. Of the specifications of the Velcro is usually 1 cm 18 cm, the widest do only 18 cm, because the Velcro machines can only do so wide, make the hook and loop is there will be a plus or minus value. Specifications to the requirement of material is lower, the greater the 18 cm white spot, there are few nylon 18 cm white sticky strap, few people use, are generally black spot in the majority; Instead of the specifications of the smaller the higher requirement for material, only nylon A level of 1 cm wide and not catch hair. Velcro has classified material: polyester, blended ( 40% polyester 60% nylon) , nylon, nylon grade A, grade B, C. A, polyester is hard to the touch, the fire was black smoke, are burning ever more brightly, pungent odor, black after burn. B, nylon is soft to the touch, the fire is white smoke, when not are burning ever more brightly, no smell, burning after the yellow. C, blending ratio does not necessarily fixed, the other the proportion of others. D, don't catch hair: no burr, it looks very clear grain, No hook surface, usually with nylon A level surface
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