How to distinguish the fineness of Velcro fiber_

by:BAILI     2021-04-14

There are many kinds of materials for hook and loop, including fireproof, antistatic, adhesive, nylon and polyester. They are rich in colors, good quality, easy to use and reasonably priced, and affordability is everyone's first choice. Today, the editor will teach you how to distinguish the fineness of hook and loop fiber!

There are two reasons for the difference in the fineness of the hook and loop. One is the difference in thickness between fibers, and the other is the difference in thickness of individual fibers along the length. The fineness of natural fiber is affected by the natural environment and other factors during the growth process, and the influence is very different. The fineness (ie linear density) of the cotton fiber is related to the shape and structure of the cotton fiber. On the one hand, the outer circumference of cotton fibers is determined in the early stages of growth. On the other hand, the outer circumference of cotton fibers is determined in the early stages of growth. The cell supply of fibers continues to thicken, that is, the maturity increases.

The fineness of cotton fiber is directly related to the outer circumference and maturity, because the outer circumference is related to the variety and place of production of cotton, and even the growth position of cotton plants and cotton seeds. Maturity is related to growth conditions and picking time, so the fineness of cotton fiber mainly depends on the variety and growth conditions of cotton. Therefore, the cotton fibers of the same bundle not only have different thicknesses, but the same cotton fibers also have asymmetrical cross-sectional morphological changes. Their ends are thinner and the middle part is thicker, and their linear density is thicker in the middle and at both ends. All are thinner, which is asymmetrical. The thickness difference of hemp fibers is more significant. Various hemp fibers are not only affected by growth conditions, the growth period of primary phloem fiber cells and secondary phloem fiber cells, but also affected by diseases, etc., resulting in a very different thickness of single fiber In addition, the thickness difference of the craft fiber due to the randomness of fiber splitting is greater.

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