How to ensure the back glue Velcro viscosity!

by:BAILI     2020-09-10
How to ensure the back glue Velcro viscosity! Velcro of each product has its own life, also our back glue hook and loop is not exceptional also, if we use undeserved could reduce the service life of the back glue Velcro or disable back glue viscosity, then how should we do? Give you outline below two points, meet all together. Actually back hook and loop main method is to use the glue and the daily maintenance, ready can effectively ensure the service life of it together to look at the outline below two points. The first point we should pay attention to the using of the back glue Velcro environment, such as the interface to keep clean, if dust with hair, such objects will greatly affect the viscosity of back glue Velcro, causing it to not be prolonged service life, so you can't guarantee it can be normal use, over time it will not be able to use, so clean and tidy is the first point. The second point is that don't stick of gum magic users with highly corrosive objects and use some to have the strong corrosive cleaner to clean it. Because the back glue Velcro material multiple, some product is not the nature of the corrosion, so the corrosive substance these things will be on the service life of the back glue hook and loop particularly large damage, thus affect the normal use of it. So we must pay special attention to in use on the two points mentioned in the article, we pay attention to both your hands back glue Velcro service life shortens wouldn't be surprise, also in use don't use brute force and tear,
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