How to extend the magic stick application life

by:BAILI     2020-11-08

the hook and loop is a kind of weight is very light material, it is very easy to use. Can easily be strong in clothing, shoes and the rest of the data. Another attractive place, it is abnormal and durable. And wash very easy, because most are made from nylon and polyester. Back glue stick is in the traditional trick stick ( Dust coat cuffs with a wall is a hook, a wall is MAO, glue influence. Shoes fastening belt) On the basis of processing a layer of self-adhesive back water, can literally put on the outside of the plastic, metal, outside wood, electronic products, such as the outside, the cementation sex is extremely strong.

by nylon trick stick back by the low temperature since the glue coated with a layer of special water and into product should last pressing force will be sticky gum and data as long as easily uncovered the trick stick behind, the debonding of the paper can be pasted on each sample satiny clean tool. Now back glue trick stick in a wide range of color is not dark look, now on the market also presents many colors of all forms of gum tricks. Nowadays in the back glue tricks posted once victory in the market, now many products here, there are back trick stick glue application. It is satisfied the need of people, satisfied with the product, the result of the manufacturer to research and development in, but for the sake of guaranteeing or extending application life, in the process of application of gum trick stick, we need to pay attention to what details?

trick stick, in fact also belongs to a kind of consumables, and now it is with our career focus on each other, under the entourage of so much, if people don't try to cherish, to its possible in a short time, let it lose function, in order to guaranteeing or extend the application of life, in the time of application, we also should pay attention to the protection of stop the disorder.

with the extension of time, its function will present attenuation, so the trick is stuck in the application process, we must be careful, in time of outdoor activities, may even prevent the application of weak strength to pull open it, so much can affect the tartar a wall, as necessary to pull open on both sides of the usual hour, we need to manipulate light hand, such consequences is better. And in moments of the installation, but even if not applied to the powerful pull plan necessary items below, so much is guaranteeing peace, strange trick can also extend back glue stick application life.

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