How to extend the service life of adhesive Velcro? _

by:BAILI     2021-04-16

  Nowadays, the use of adhesive has been very extensive, and some designs are not only unique, but also practical. For example, the most common shoes, those casual shoes and sandals have velcro straps, which not only play a binding effect, but also meet the feet of different people. So, how to extend the service life of adhesive ?

   Extend the service life of adhesive , pay attention to the following points:

  1. In the process, we should slow down the force and pull it apart. If you use too much force, it will affect the function of the thorn side for a long time, and seriously cause the velvet and thorn sides to fail to bond.

  2. Do not apply the hook and loop fastener to heavyweight sports objects that it cannot bear. In this case, not only can it not be guaranteed that its adhesion can meet the requirements, but there may even be a certain degree of safety. Hidden dangers.

  3. The side of the thorn head is generally very sticky. Simply stick some dirty things such as hairballs. We need to organize them on time. Don't cause them to be unable to bond normally due to a momentary slack. .

Although    tape has so many benefits, because it is often used for bonding and tearing, it will inevitably be worn out after a long time. When the thorn or the suede has a large area of u200bu200bdamage, In order to ensure the normal use of the objects, we still need to apply new adhesive , it can continue to serve us.

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