How to go through the hook and loop strips customization?
Contact Jinjiang Nanxing Garment Weaving Co., Ltd.'s Customer Service and share your requirement. Due to our expertise, we'll take you through the whole process, from price volume evaluation through to design, tooling and manufacturing. Pick from a range of variables to make the best hook and loop or alternative based on your requirements.

The progress in manufacturing hook and loop tape has been gradually made by BAILI. Garment Weaving's hook and loop ski strap series are created based on unremitting efforts. BAILI injection hook is manufactured after a series of complicated and sophisticated processes. They are mainly materials preparation, frame extruding, surface treating, and quality testing, and all these processes are carried out according to standards for exported furniture. The width size of the product can be customized. After years of hard work, Garment Weaving's hook and loop straps has been selected by many global brands. As it is reusable, it is eco-friendly.

We have seen our responsibility for sustainable development. We have shifted to renewable energy and renewable raw materials and strived to minimize the potentially adverse environmental effects of our products, services, and transports.
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