How to identify 3 m back glue Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-10-12
3 m glue Velcro back in addition to have common hook and loop don't have a bit, there are a lot of use opportunely: 1. There is sound on the door or window, with 3 m adhesive back hair side stick on the door or window. 2. Fixed the car navigation, especially mobile navigation, can arbitrarily pick, torn off when not in use, does not affect cell phone use. Convenient and quick. 3. With 3 m adhesive back hook in the plastic stick at the bottom of the floor mat, play a fixed role. 4. Ships, cars, planes and other vehicle vibration is better temporary fixed objects. 5. A family to decorate when frame, fixed the picture, can replace nails, will not damage the wall. 6. Fixed window screening, ordinary back glue Velcro life is short, with one year or less glue will be failure, with 3 m glue back to 3 - service life Five years, every year without climbing up and down in the screen, as long as clean gauze, energy save costs, reduce trouble. 7. All kinds of equipment fixed don't have to worry about damage to the equipment. How to identify whether the 3 m glue Velcro back, first look at the general 3 m back glue hook and loop stickers are 3 m, this sticker tough thick, font color represents the 3 m glue model. 3 m back glue for special double-sided adhesive substance without burnish, ordinary back glue for hot-melt adhesive, glossiness is good, also test the adhesiveness, high adhesiveness is 3 m, with poor adhesiveness is ordinary glue Velcro back. Back glue Velcro for slitting machine, stamping, cutting, can do over there, could also do with back glue Velcro, functional, purpose is wide! While 3 m back glue Velcro advantages more than ordinary back glue Velcro, but ordinary back glue Velcro also have their own advantages, choose the back glue Velcro, want to know what products suitable for your purposes, it is good for you to choose, is the best, the reasonable use of it, to avoid waste.
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