How to let customers fall in love with you on the back glue Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-10-08
Many back glue hook and loop manufacturer supply quality is very good, but is neglected for a long time, is this why? Gum magic with many advantages, but our customer may not be very professional, so we should how to introduce back glue Velcro! In our account to the customer back glue Velcro, must use the most concise language advantages and characteristics of the Velcro shows that in this way can attract customers pay more attention to the product, if it is a long, customers not only the core content of didn't hear what you want to, perhaps the seconds has lost interest in want to understand, so, the most concise language is to attract customers to understand the basic method. Here are two kinds of Velcro concise expression: 1, color nylon sewing Velcro: color nylon sewing Velcro is one of the common adhesive tape and performance, both sides have the effect of the seal mouth, rough fibre fleece is soft, is hook hook surface elastic filament, two sides in the buckle and in the case of a certain tension, with elastic hook will be straight, from the open loop pile on the loose, hook surface will restore the original shape, immediately and repeatedly opening and closing can reach more than 10000 times. 2, strong back glue Velcro: strong glue hook and loop back from ordinary nylon Velcro after high temperature hot melt adhesive machine, after 7096 strong sticky rubber piece of melting the glue point will glue evenly on the back Velcro, wait for after cooling solidification put a layer of oil from the form of a paper, ordinary glue back viscous force is stable and can be attached to the plastic, metal, wood, concrete, whitewashed walls and other materials on the surface, only need to press the back glue Velcro gently in the surface of materials, wait 24 hours later, the glue of the viscous force can achieve 90% above, glue and material physical reaction infiltration surface, the longer time the more viscous force, viscous force lasting eed 10 years or so. Is not only the sales back glue Velcro, the same is true for other sales principle, sales skill, how to let the customer recognition and rely on your product, this is a skill, is also a science.
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