How to make longer service life of Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-11-10

nowadays in the Velcro has been successfully break into the market, now a lot of products, have the use of Velcro. Now the color of the Velcro is not a single black, now on the market also appeared a variety of color Velcro, which is to satisfy people's needs, meet the needs of products, manufacturers developed achievement, but in order to guarantee or prolong the service life of Velcro, in the process of using Velcro, we need to pay attention to what details? Velcro is actually belongs to a kind of consumables, and now it is related to our life, in this context, if people try to love and to its not possible in a short time, let it lose efficacy, in order to guarantee or to extend its service life, when we use hook and loop, also must pay attention to the maintenance of normal. With the extension of time, its function will be fade, so in the process of using Velcro, we must be careful, when take part in outdoor activities, try to avoid using strong tear strength to hook and loop, this will affect the tartar, generally need to open on both sides, we need to light hand, so that the effect is much better. And at the time of installation of Velcro, try not to use it to need strong pulling force, the design of the object that is safe, also can prolong the service life of the Velcro.

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