How to remove the broken hair nap in the Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-09-09
How to remove the broken hair nap in the hook and loop hook and loop is widely used in clothing shoes and hats, gloves, bags, sofa, seat cushion, transport, aviation supplies, plastic poncho, curtains, toys, sleeping bags, sports equipment, audio equipment, medical equipment, tents, BMX sheath and all kinds of military products, electronic wire, chargers, display equipment, etc. , is a common connection accessories, fixed points male female two sides, one side is a small soft fiber, round (MAO 循环) The other side, is a hard hook seta ( 钩) 。 Often wear after a period of time, seta ( The male side) Will contain a lot of hair, a jealous inside, see the uncomfortable, estimated that many people are trying to clean up, let me teach you a quick solution. First of all, we open the need to clean up the hook and loop, make sure to clean up the surface is the surface with a harder hook. The prepared steel brush brush in hook and face directly in addition to the inside of the hair, you will find that actually very simple brush clean. Broken inside hair less with transparent tape can sort out and paste on it. Finished cleaning up the whole process is very simple, actually such clothes like new again!
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