How to remove traces back the use of glue Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-10-02
In daily life, to use the Velcro, there will always be difficult to wipe out the marks, will affect the item's beautiful, together with related problems, should think of some way to processing. But at the time of processing, should grasp the related skills, as long as clear and specific measures for rooting out, to the greatest degree satisfied itself needs. Use gasoline to root out. Of course, clearly linked to at the moment to pay attention to matters. Primary reason is that, gasoline and other plastic and paint, has must dissolve effect. So at the time of use, must be careful. Before use, and can be not important local quietly scrub, investigation of change. No problem, will be able to use. At the moment, of course, the gasoline used don't too much. Other, should, by applying the method of alcohol wipe out this moment should be applied to the soft cloth to scrub. Of course, in the process of scrubbing should control related efforts. Want to trace back glue hook and loop strap is swabbed clean, is not a simple job. For online about people not unfamiliar words, double every year 11, 12, the day of the most popular online shopping such as this year's double 11 but also broke the previous number, so the online shopping back glue Velcro also has become a normal work. So online shopping back glue Velcro needs pay attention to what details? Online back glue Velcro strap, needs to pick a regular store to buy. Now produce Velcro manufacturer is very much, but direct open a shop on the net factory is not much, people are picking up online Velcro strap, demand as far as possible choose a direct open a shop on the Internet, both to obtain the suitable price, and can obtain better after-sales service. Online shopping Velcro, should according to their requirements in terms of online shopping. Many people are on the back glue Velcro standard is not clear, actually standard 14 kinds of Velcro. Besides the 14 kinds of the standard you demand is demand for custom-made. So in choosing, should according to their requirements and guidelines for choosing of choose and buy, rather than a single for online shopping.
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